The NLARC is the Northern Lakes Amateur Radio Club, an organization of amateur radio enthusiasts within Itasca County, Minnesota. The regular monthly meetings are set for 7:00 P.M. the first Thursday of each month, and are held at the Emergency Operations Center of the Itasca County Courthouse in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Northern Lakes ARC, Inc. has been granted the vanity call sign KØGPZ effective September 7th, 2005. GPZ is the FAA airport code for Grand Rapids. This change was suggested by Steve Antiel and approved by the Board of Directors in August. KØGPZ will be used immediately and upon receipt of the new license, KBØVAE will no longer be a valid call sign.

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NLARC Repeater Information

Two-Meter Repeater System

146.880- Coleraine, MN w/Autopatch-linked to 147.075

147.075+ Marcell, MN Superlink-linked to 146.880

145.230- Emergency Repeater

Seventy-Centimeter Repeater

444.55+ Coleraine, MN - access tone 123.0 P

TWO METER NET Sundays at 7:30M on 880/075

Click for Grand Rapids, Minnesota Forecast

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