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At the November meeting the NLARC has adopted an "Official Power Connector". At the suggestion of Chuck WD0FKQ the club has adopted the 2 wire, 20 amp Molex type connectors from Radio Shack (part numbers 274-151 and 274-154) as the official connectors for 12 volt equipment. The female plug connects to the power source, the male to the radio or other piece of equipment. Positive (+) goes to the pin at the pointed side of the connector (makes sense to me, plus, positive and pointy all start with "P"...easy to remember). By using this common connector on club gear and your gear we have instant interchangeability when the need arises. Need to check a radio? Just plug it in and you've got power. They look like this:

I've already set up my 12 volt gear with these connectors and it's already proved handy when I wanted to take my 6 meter mobile that I use in the house on a mini-dxpedition. Just unplugged it from the power supply connector and plugged it into the nifty power cord in the car.

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